Apps for Booking Taxi Services

There are lots of taxi booking apps for customers to pick between in Australia.  In such a crowded field, ATIA recommends that customers take care to avoid potential harm or disappointment by choosing an app that satisfies the criteria listed below. The apps in the ATIA App Library meet these 7 mandatory criteria for endorsement.

1  Safety

Only properly licensed and registered vehicles are used to provide trips; AND

• Only properly certified / authorised drivers are used to provide trips.

2  Service Quality

Service response times for app requests are equal to, or better than, comparable industry standards; AND

• The app provider has effective processes & procedures for assisting passengers –

   (a) recover their lost property; AND

   (b) resolving customer complaints.

3  Fares & Payment

• Passengers are only required to pay the fares as displayed on the in-vehicle taximeter; OR

• Passengers can only required to pay the fare amount quoted at the time of booking.

4  No Discrimination

• Requests for service by passengers cannot be declined; AND

• Requests for accessible services are accepted equally, and on effectively the same terms, as other requests.

5  Responsibility

• Passengers are not required to supply indemnities to the app provider to use the app; AND

• Drivers are not required to supply indemnities to the app provider to use the app.

6  Accountability

• The privacy of passengers’ trip and personal details are protected; AND

• Operational performance data and measures are available to Government taxi regulators.

7  Lawful

• The app, and app provider, comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to their operation.


FAQS for ATIA’S Endorsement Criteria